Ensuring the future of fraternal organizations since 1991 with integrity, accountability, talent and passion
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Omaha, NE Office 






Founded to serve the needs of  

college student organizations and alumni/ae associations 



Committed to improving the risk  

management programs and initiatives of our college based clients 







Educational Resources  

Check out all the information available in our Resources Section 

Resources for Fraternities 

Resources for Sororities 



Winter Break Checklist 



Protect your property during the upcoming  

Winter Break 


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Willis is pleased to offer Online Bill Pay 


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Values & Goals of Willis (read details below) 

Our fraternal clients know us for these Values: 

Integrity: An insurance relationship, more than any other business relationship, is built on trust. You either have it or you don't. Our clients and our carriers notice a difference when they deal with us. 


Accountability: It's a rare company that can make excellence routine. Our formula is simple: Performance beyond the required is our standard in all we do. We make that commitment to our clients, our carriers, and ourselves.  


Talent: We believe in finding the most talented people in our business and providing an environment that allows them to do the best work of their careers.  


Passion: Clients feel it. From the first meeting, they know we have passion for their business, their welfare, and their success.   



Goals of our organization: 

Communicate: Internal and external, we must understand the right direction we are moving as an organization and do so in unison. Out clients must understand what we can and will do for them on a daily basis and it is our responsibility to always remain top of mind.  


Anticipate & Educate: Know our clients' business, understand their needs and offer assistance before they ask. Our clients have significant risk management and insurance challenges with limited experience dealing with the issues. Look at every interaction with a client as an opportunity to educate and explain the "why?" behind what we do and ask of them. 


Accuracy & Efficiency: It is how others will judge us so we must get it right the first time. By doing so, we will do more with our resources and all will be better served.  


Value-added Provider: We provide our clients with the comfort, certainly and knowledge that their best interests are being served. We must do everything we can to complement their mission on a daily basis.  


Growth: It must remain a constant focus for all, for it will allow us to continue to fulfill the other goals of our organization.  






For information regarding www.WillisFraternity.com  

please contact the Education Consultant, at  

1-800-736-4327 or edconsultant@willis.com  







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